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Sadiztik Injektion

"Beta Version World"


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Release: 2012
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Sadiztik Injektion - Beta Version World CD

Two years have gone after Samet`s first album 'Global Genocide' was released. Now we present to you a second (but in time his first) work named 'Beta Version World'. Created back in 2006, and spread only via web, here is the physical copy of internet release, included full new design and reworked as it possible to bring a better sound to the listeners. That is what Sadiztik Injektion started from. All songs sound more interesting and modern in compare with 90 prozent of 'new seeds of hell-electro' in now-days. Its exactly what you could expect from this genre. So, welcome in to the 'Beta Version World'.
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1.Message V.1.0
3.Rape Kill Destroy
4.Religious Experiences
5.Beta Version World
7.Plaztyk Narcotik
8.Sadiztik Injektion
9.Rise Of The Death Machines
10.Terroriztik Noize Machinez
11.Experiences Has Died