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Sadiztik Injektion

"Global Genocide"


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Release: 2010
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Sadiztik Injektion - Global Genocide CD

Does it possible to create a heavy and professional aggro-tech in Turkey? here`s the answer: turkey's aggrotech Sadiztik:Injektion was formed in the year of 2006 by Samet Özgür. He first released tracks "Infekted and Injekted" and "Endless 8" via free download. These songs had some excelent reviews from listeners and some bands, and finally Sadiztik:Injektion released his first album "Beta Version World".

Later, Sadiztik:Injektion has started recordings of second full lenght album called "Global Genocide" with hard and harsh distorted beats, violent distorted vocals, heavy and dark synthlines, atmospheric dark pad, rhythmic basslines. One track of upcoming album was issued in Johan Van Roy's second Compilation CD "Noise Terror Vol.2 - World Wide Electronics" and finally Advoxya records presents the second album from the band - "Global Genocide".
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Label's catalogue number:ad-10-cd
1.Mechanical Word's Chaos
2.Cyber Terror
3.Violence Embrace
4.Ultimate Torment
5.Realize The Suicide
7.Global Genocide
8.Near Apocalypse
10.Beta Version World