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"Aldrig som förr/Allt som allt"


Release: 2015
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Saft - Aldrig som förr/Allt som allt MCD

Swedish synthpop in the end of the 90:ies. One band really stood above the others. A band that played virtually everywhere there was a stage to be played. A band that actually even reached outside the "synthpop scene". Everywhere they played people were singing along to their catchy tunes. Then... they more or less just disappeared. Many years have passed without a trace. But now Progress Productions are proud to present the return of THE classic act SAFT with a brand new limited edition CD-single called "Aldrig som förr / Allt som allt".
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InfraRot item number:9946.100
Label:Progress Prod.
1.Aldrig Som Förr 3:55
2.Allt Som Allt 3:18