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Release: 2011
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Saints Of Ruin - Glampyre CD

With 'Glampyre' the US-Goth-Rockers Saints Of Ruin are releasing their second full time album, which presents itself in more rock-orientated sound than before. Beginning with the album title track, with its powerful and energy driven guitar, bass and drum rhythms the album features both classic rock songs ('Fire', 'Father Vengeance') as well as epic, moody and heavy guitar-based tracks like 'Slow Poison' and 'The Son'.

So it's no surpise that the cover version of the classic 'Rain' (The Cult) fits perfectly into the concept of this album. The album was produced and mastered by Descendants Of Cain Mastermind DM Kruger.
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4.Love Dies
5.Father Vengeance
6.Slow Poison
7.Certain Droom
8.Labyrinth Mmxi
9.The Son