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Saltatio Mortis

"Das Schwarze Einmaleins"


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Release: 2013
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Saltatio Mortis - Das Schwarze Einmaleins CD

Just recently the gleemen’s live album "Manufactum III" made it to number 16 in the German longplay charts, and now SALTATIO MORTIS are back with their highly anticipated next rock album!

"Das schwarze Einmaleins" is the next logical step on their journey. The arrangements show a band at the height of its creativity offering the listener heavy rock guitars, sweeping bagpipe melodies and catchy refrains. Frontman Alea der Bescheidene presents the full range of human emotions with his characteristic voice. He presents himself ready to attack one moment and in the next second, soulful and vulnerable.

Lasterbalk der Lästerliche wrote lyrics ...
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Label:Napalm Rec.
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1.Früher War Alles Besser
2.Wachstum Über Alles
3.Krieg Kennt Keine Sieger
4.Der Kuss
5.My Bonnie Mary
7.Satans Fall
12.Nur Ein Traum