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Release: 2014
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Saltillo - Ganglion LP

Regular edition in Black Vinyl.

A modern-day classic gets a vinyl edition at last! Menton J. Matthews III is one of those artists who should have lived in the sixteenth century, along with Shakespeare and da Vinci. His project Saltillo grew out of the ashes of SUNDAY MUNICH but perfects a style of electronic and violin-laden trip-hop that is original, seductive, and bold. This new, limited vinyl edition comes with an MP3 download code for the entire album.

With “Ganglion,” Saltillo has truly thrown down the gauntlet over what it means to create a truly original trip-hop album in today’s music scene.Matt Wolfe, Sputnik Music

For once, the press sheet hype ('quite possibly the finest release we've ever heard') doesn't seem like hyperbole!Mark Teppo, Igloo Mag
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Label's catalogue number:AOF161
1.A Necessary End
2.Giving In
3.Remember Me?
4.A Simple Test
5.A Hair On The Head Of John The Baptist
6.Blood And Milk
7.The Opening
8.Backyard Pond
11.I'm On The Wrong Side