InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann
Release: 2016
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Sara Noxx & Mark Benecke - Jeanny MCD

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If it’s true to say that Miss Noxx and Doc Benecke have already divided opinion amongst those more or less sympathetic to them with their typically individualistic interpretation of the ballad Where the Wild Roses Grow, then they are once again challenging the ears of conciliatory listeners with their latest collaboration. Fragile and feminine on the one hand; pathologically charming on the other — this describes the Duo Infernale’s new treatment of the Falco classic „Jeanny“. With schizoid composure, „candyman“ Benecke seduces Lady Noxx, terrifying listeners and protagonists alike and giving us deep insights into the battleground of eccentric souls. Sara Noxx returns the bizarre offerings of her tormentor with sombre whispered abandon, totally convincing in the role of the one trapped a hopeless situation. „Jeanny“ impresses as an emotionally affecting melange of charismatic voices embedded within electronic, rock, atmospheric and crossover elements; a psychological thriller with musical accompaniment, inviting and alluring those affected directly and indirectly into the world of insanity.
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