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"The Guts To Be Good"


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Release: 2009
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Saudade - The Guts To Be Good CD

After releasing two singles that featured exclusive tracks of revisited songs originally written in the 80's, Saudade presents a collection of newer songs that were written in 2008 and 2009.

Saudade is an unusual and raw project by Todd Durrant (founder of ADD) which reaches deep into musical influences of the new wave 80's to present very personal thoughts and reflections. Though the songs may not resonate as perfectly polished productions, the quirky and home-spun sound suits the mood and message of the music perfectly. After all, most of us struggle on the road to perfection and our weaknesses only become more apparent the closer we may come to the goal.

This album takes different looks at the attempt to be a good person, both in a melancholy way, and in a light, fun-loving way. It begins by asking whether anybody has "the guts to be good" in a world where the right way is often not the easier path. The album ends with Saudade's heartbroken look at a life spent in an endeavor that collapses due to changes in the world, while suggesting that even at the end of the dream, some things can't be taken away.
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Label:A Different Drum
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1.The Dream
2.The Guts To Be Good
3.Almost Perfect
6.The End Of This Disease
7.Something In The Sky
9.Kansas Again
10.Mocking (Renames Stalking Lawyers Mix)
11.A Minute And A Half Of Spring
12.Her Way (Somegirl Mix)
13.Somnium Finis