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Schattenspiel/Verney 1826

"Reclusion Of Sun & Moon"


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Release: 2012
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Schattenspiel/Verney 1826 - Reclusion Of Sun & Moon CD

This Split CD with 13 tracks (56min) is limited of 100 hand-numbered copies. Very nice melodram pop with touch dark romantic and good mix of neoclassic sound! Many fantastic colaborations with Barbarossa Umtrunk, Project N.A., Anna Aliena, Disreflect & Lisa.
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InfraRot item number:2011.628
Label's catalogue number:SLCD137-12
1.Aufbruchstimmung (Schattenspielfeat. Verney 1826)
2.The World (Schattenspiel)
3.Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung (Schattenspiel)
4.La Montagne Du Califat (Schattenspiel & Barbarossa Umtrunk)
5.Vorwaerts (Schattenspiel)
6.Totenwache (Schattenspiel Feat. Verney 1826)
7.Kissing Her Cold Lips... (Verney 1826 Feat. Project N.A.)
8.Aurora Redux (Verney 1826 Feat. Anna Aliena)
9.The Grass Is Always Browner (Mk.II) (Verney 1826)
10.Awakened (Verney 1826 Feat. Disreflect & Lisa)
11.Reclusion Of Sun & Moon (Verney 1826)
12.Eis (Verney 1826)
13.Sins Of The Fathers (Verney 1826)