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"Licht und Schatten / Best Of"


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Release: 2014
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Schattenspiel - Licht und Schatten / Best Of 3CD

:SPECIAL EDITION:-2CD-Bonus CDr-Patch-Button-Postkart 1-Postkart 2 + signed-in paper sticker pack-with seal stamp closed-limited to 50 hand-numbered copies !

Info: This double album by Schattenspiel is split in two parts: One is a "best of" that gives you a taste of Schattenspiel's albums to date, while the other part is a collection of cover versions of Schattenspiel songs interpreted by several bands and artists. Being a collector of all Schattenspiel's works, I was obviously more eager for the covers part.

Anyone who follows Schattenspiel knows ...
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