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"Licht und Schatten / Best Of"


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Release: 2014
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Schattenspiel - Licht und Schatten / Best Of 3CD

:SPECIAL EDITION:-2CD-Bonus CDr-Patch-Button-Postkart 1-Postkart 2 + signed-in paper sticker pack-with seal stamp closed-limited to 50 hand-numbered copies !

Info: This double album by Schattenspiel is split in two parts: One is a "best of" that gives you a taste of Schattenspiel's albums to date, while the other part is a collection of cover versions of Schattenspiel songs interpreted by several bands and artists. Being a collector of all Schattenspiel's works, I was obviously more eager for the covers part.

Anyone who follows Schattenspiel knows ...
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3.Prometheus (Mkii)
4.El Gato Negro (Feat. Igniis)
5.Die Letzte Fahrt Der Nautilus (5Th Anniversary Mix)
7.Ordo Fratrum Minorum (Feat. Verney 1826 & Miss Kitty)
8.Falling Down (Feat. Hermann Kopp) (5Th Anniversary Mix)
9.Feuertanz (5Th Anniversary Mix)
11.Aus Dem Dunkel
12.Vorwärts (5Th Anniversary Mix)
13.The House Of Usher
14.Good Morning Sick World (Feat. Art Of Empathy & Miss Kitty)
15.Western Front
16.Sturmwarnung (Feat. Barbarossa Umtrunk) (5Th Anniversary Mix)
17.Ruhe Vor Dem Sturm (Feat. Verney 1816)
18.Dunkle Wolken Ziehen Auf (5Th Anniversary Mix)
19.Morgendämmerung (5Th Anniversary Mix)
20.Strydwolf - Many Are Called Few Are Choosen
21.Barbarossa Umtrunk - The Grave At The Bottom Of The Sea
22.Verney 1826 Feat. Miyuki Day - Todesahnung
23.The Victim's Ball - Slow Motion, Mirror Image
24.Igniis - El Gato Negro 2013
25.Tsidmz - Sturmwarnung
26.Niemandsvater - Niemandsland
27.Miss Kitty - To The Ocean
28.Cydonia - Zirkulat
29.Acta Non Verba Feat. Mori Bondo - Der Vorhang Ist Gefallen
30.Langemarck - Aus Dem Dunkel
31.Intent:outtake - Die Letzte Fahrt Der Nautilus
32.Stahlplanet - Dunkle Wolken Ziehen Auf
33.Iris Traumann - Falling Down (Space-Rmx)
34.Cyradark - Eschatological Scenario
35.Im Jetzt
36.Gwer Nemeton Feat. Barbarossa Umtrunk (Alternate Version)
37.Echoes Of The Shaman (The Golem's Play) - Ethnamorte Remixed By Schattenspiel
38.Faeries & Goblins (Feat. Rex The Ninth)
39.Shaman Rising - Ethnamorte Remixed By Schattenspiel
41.Revolution (Preview Medley)