InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Section 25

"Always Now"


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Release: 2015
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Section 25 - Always Now 2CD

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Label:Factory Rec.
1.Friendly Fires
2.Dirty Disco
4.Loose Talk (Costs Lives)
5.Inside Out
6.Melt Close
8.Babies In The Bardo
9.Be Brave
10.New Horizon
12.Charnel Ground
13.Human Puppets
14.Knew Noise
15.Up To You
16.Girls Don't Count
17.Oyo Achel Ada
18.After Image
19.Red Voice
20.One True Path (Bbc)
21.Babies In The Bardo (Bbc)
22.Hit (Bbc)
23.Je Veux Ton Amour
24.Loose Talk (Live 26.10.1980)
25.Human Puppets (Live 26.10.1980)
26.Knew Noise (Live 26.10.1980)
27.Friendly Fires (Live 26.10.1980)
28.Girls Don't Count (Live 26.10.1980)
29.New Horizon (Live 26.10.1980)
30.Haunted (Live 26.10.1980)
31.You're On Your Own (Live 1.11.1980)
32.Floating (Demo)
33.Friendly Fires (Outtake)
34.One True Path (Outtake)