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"Die Reise"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Seelenthron - Die Reise CD

'Die Reise' is the third album of the eastern-German NeoFolk project Seelenthron. Seelenthron was founded by the two basic-members of the legendary Dies Natalis and on several songs on their third album they go an new way, even using Folk/Epic Rock and Alternative/Independent elements.

The songs on 'Die Reise' are more varied than on the earlier albums, even using electric-guitars and accordions. The lyrics are fulfilled with a deep love to nature and the band's homeland Saxony, facing very personal feelings between hope and deep despair.
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InfraRot item number:2008.194
Label's catalogue number:HF 12
1.Abschied Von Den Steinen
2.Die Reise
3.Go Your Way
4.For Years
5.IŽm Never There
6.Warum Gehen Wir...
8.Lachendes Gesicht
10.Schatten Und Licht
11.Nothing Ends
12.You Are In The Past