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"Same (feat. Lebanon Hanover)"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Selofan - Same (feat. Lebanon Hanover) Single/7

This is an open invitation for you to follow SELOFAN in their beautiful trip through the gains and losses of human liaisons. This time they’re not alone, Larissa Iceglass, the one half of LEBANON HANOVER is taking this voyage with them to a destination «Behind the dunes», singing a melancholic but hopeful elegy about emotional isolation. Selofan use their synths and drum machines in their own effective way, while melodic guitar lines and Larissa’s haunting voice reassure that somewhere out there,someone thinks alike. A track of true new wave beauty that reaches you as a long awaited love letter! The romance finally takes place in a gloomy nightclub, where night creatures and queers meet to celebrate the sweet side of sadness. Selofan’s personal “Tristesse” feels like the one you may have experienced too from time to time, like an arrow through your heart, like the soundtrack of your lone- some hours and your deepest passions. Once again Selofan manage to turn back time with two gorgeous tracks giving life to the feeling of the 80s, under the spell of the raw power of two profound female voices. Limited to 500 copies!
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1.A: Behind The Dunes
2.B: Tristesse