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"Verboten (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Selofan - Verboten (Limited Edition) LP

Mexican edition of the long deleted debut-Vinyl from 2013 on Fabrika!

Limited and hand-numbered to 500 copies. This edition comes with two full-colour, LP-sized inserts and a download card for the entire album.

Selofan is Greek for Cellophane, a thin, transparent sheet, protecting items, keeping them fresh and allowing them to ''breathe'' while in storage. The music of the duo from Athens (Greece) is transparent, fresh and takes your breath away. It is strictly analogue, though alongside the syn-thesizers, drum-machines and loops a bass line, a dreamy piano and saxophone melody may surprise you. The female voice narrates about love and the loss of it, about death and the fear of it, about sexuality and the repression of it, about addictions, psychological weaknesses or strengths, all our own personal ghosts, which distinguish humans from other species. The power and tenderness of the male vocals penetrate your senses directly.
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1.A1 Πόσο Λυπάμαι
2.Α2 After You The Silence
3.Α3 A Whimper
4.Α4 Time
5.Α5 Φωσφορίζω
6.A6 Johnny
7.B1 Six Weeks
8.B2 Your Face Is Me
9.B3 Kissing The Sky
10.B4 Love Is A Mental Suicide
11.B5 Alone
12.B6 Verboten