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September Mourning



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Release: 2012
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September Mourning - Melancholia CD

The guitar driven force of hard rock and metal marries the sweep and grandeur of dramatic lyricism and melodic vocals in 'Melancholia', the debut album from the storyline driven dark culture fantasy art and musical project September Mourning.

Produced by the band itself, 'Melancholia' is a musical journey though the emotions of the central character in the story of September Mourning. September is a girl trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead. She is a reaper, with the power to harness death and use it to make things right.

Each song on the album represents the emotions and memories she absorbs when she takes a soul.

The album opens with the ...
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1.Go For The Throat
2.A Place To Call Your Own
5.Love Is War
6.Lost Angels
7.Crimson Skies
8.Seal Your Fate
9.Beyond The Grave
10.Last Embrace