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Seraphim System

"Pandaemonium (Limited Edition)"


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Release: December 2017
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Seraphim System - Pandaemonium (Limited Edition) CD

Genre: Industrial Metal

Format: 4-panel digipak CD

Limited edition of strictly 200 copies!

American industrial producer SERAPHIM SYSTEM’s even-heavier follow-up to last year’s industrial-metal masterpiece “Luciferium” – another 10 brutal slabs of heavy-riffing industrial music, sandwiched around the doomy atmospheric interlude “Beneath the Gates of Paradise”. Initial 200 copies come in 4-panel digipak.
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Label:Deathwatch Asia
1.Come And See
4.Dead Blue
5.Samael Immaculate
6.Interlude - Beneath The Gates Of Paradise
9.Vanity And Lust
10.At War With The Throne
11.To Reign In Hell
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