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Severed Heads

"Brave New Waves Session"


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Release: January 2018
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Severed Heads - Brave New Waves Session CD

Unreleased Brave New Waves session from Severed Heads with bonus interviews. Recorded in CBC's studio live-to-air in 1986 while on tour with Skinny Puppy, Severed Heads' Brave New Waves session is absolutely perfect. Includes never-before heard versions of songs from The Big Bigot and Dead Eyes Open, including the band's hit, Harold & Cindy Hospital, as well as amazing commentary by the always charismatic Tom Ellard. CD release, remastered from CBC reels.
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1.Halo (Intro)
4.Oscar's Grind
5.Mambo Fist Miasma
6.Harold & Cindy Hospital
7.Twenty Deadly Diseases
9.Interview With Brent Bambury (1986)
10.Interview With Brent Bambury (1990)