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Severed Heads

"Petrol EP"


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Release: 2016
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Severed Heads - Petrol EP LP

Dark Entries digs deeper in to the archives of Severed Heads, one of the longest surviving bands to emerge from the Australian post-punk independent music scene.

They began in Sydney in 1979, incorporating elements of industrial' noise-generation, tape cutting & looping and electronic sound synthesis.

As the project developed song-structures and vocals were employed in a more-or-less recognizable mutant electro pop style.

In 1986 the band released the 12" single "Petrol" on Nettwerk Records. We've decided to shed light on the evolution of "Petrol" with this EP showcasing four earlier incarnations of what became an instant synth pop classic.

"Petrol", originally titled "Lamborghini", was ...
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Label:Dark Entries
1.Lamborghini (Petrol 1982)
2.Petrol (Live At Metro July 1982)
3.Petrol (Country & Western 1984)
4.Petrol (Version 1985)