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"A Thousand Hands"


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Release: 2015
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Sextile - A Thousand Hands CD

Los Angeles based Sextile have played three shows to date, one of which was opening for felte's Ritual Howls. The label hadn't heard a single song up to that point, but were so mesmerized with the band's raw energy and tightly wound performance, they knew they had to work together. The band's sound is an amalgam of The Jesus and Mary Chain, early Modern English, early The Cure, Christian Death, Coil, the post-punk era of Death in June and The Cramps for good measure.
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1.A Thousand Hands
3.Can't Take It
4.Smoke In The Eye
5.Truth And Perception
7.Mind's Eye
8.Shattered Youth
9.Into The Unknown
10.Visions Of You