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"This World Erase"


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Release: 2011
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Shiv-R - This World Erase CD

After hitting the scene with their innovative debut album 'Hold My Hand' and the hard-hitting follow up EP 'Incision', Shiv-R are back in 2011 with 'This World Erase', a new full-length album to awaken the dark side lying dormant beneath our skin. No stranger to club hits, Shiv-R tread this ground stronger and heavier than ever with plenty of harsh club annihilators destined for the dancefloor.

Haunting, neoclassical tendrils also encompass the brutal clubsounds while a more evolved lyrical and vocal approach attacks themes such as nihilism, the romanticisation of abuse and above all waging a war on apathy. From the grindingly slow vampiric dirge of 'This Fix', to the psy-infused energetic explosion of 'Alpha Omega' and the crushingly emotive title track, 'This World Erase' is a varied and evolved follow-up album that further establishes Shiv-R's gossamer stranglehold and strives to make us feel alive in a dying, apathetic world.
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2.Pharmaceutical Grade
3.God Is Art
5.Hollow Mask
6.This World Erase
7.Blind Mice
9.This Fix
11.Alpha Omega