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"Wax Wings will Burn"


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Release: 2014
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Shiv-R - Wax Wings will Burn CD

“Wax Wings Will Burn” is the third full-length album from the monstrously seductive act SHIV-R. The duo comprised of Pete Crane and Ben Bulig has carved out a name as an “elegant yet hard-hitting” force in the industrial landscape with club-staples such as “Parasite” and “Pharmaceutical Grade” haunting alternative dancefloors the world over. Through festival shows and headlining tours throughout Europe and America the band have delivered their provocative visuals and high-energy stage show to thousands of stomping feet, and their flamboyantly dark visual edge combined with harsh yet dynamic music has lead the press to coin the term "Lace Industrial" to describe their unique genre.

With their previous EP “Shadow ...
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