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Release: 2013
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Shorai - Interference CD

Shorai is back with 15 x 5 = 75 minutes worth of promiscuous electronica, clattering beats and (well) lots of interference. An adventurous trip through glossy, dehumanized sound design, staying well clear of any preconceptions. Shorai is an act with a distinct trademark sound and identity, and “Interference” is an album rich with details and noisy delight.

Fernando Garcia is not known to rush it with his output as Shorai, this being only his 4th album for HANDS in 10 years. While defying all categorization, he has been termed “the missing link between Kraftwerk and Winterkälte”. If you stick to that comparison, while the preceding “It was listening with mechanical Precision” was more on the accessibly atmospheric side, “Interference” marks a bold return to rough and edgy territory.
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Label's catalogue number:D196
1.Spectral Overlap
2.Spectral Overlap 2
3.Modulated Rna
4.Lo-Fi Video Chat
5.Looking In The Scrap For Spare Parts
6.Ion Storm
7.Demasiadas Notas
8.Bleeding Noises
9.Harmonic Cross Ratio
10.Waveform Over Japan
11.Wall Sound
12.12Sn Meets Sqr
14.Molecular Vibration
15.Background Radiation Always Shines On Tv