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"The Line & The Hook (Limited Black Vinyl)"


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Release: 2014
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Sieben - The Line & The Hook (Limited Black Vinyl) 2LP

reissue mit Bonusmaterial (teilweise unveröffentlicht) ; Gatefoldcover ; new artwork lim.Edition of 250 copies ( 150 in BLACK vinyl , 100 in COLOURED vinyl ) The Line & The Hook was originally released in 2001 only on CD, through Redroom Records, and via World Serpent Distribution.

For Dark Vinyl’s special vinyl re-mastered edition there are several rare or previously unreleased Sieben tracks:

- a cover of Jacques Brel’s "Amsterdam"

- the original acoustic version of "Loki"

- "Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood" (the original, unheard version written for the SAW II film soundtrack album)

- "Brief As A Flower" (a Sieben-only original version of this track , written for Howden/Wakeford)

- a re-working of the track "Völkerschlachtdenkmal"

Written, performed and produced by Matt Howden between 2000 and 2001. Recorded at Redroom studio, Sheffield, England. Sleeve design by Martin Bedford.
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