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Release: 2016
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Silentways - Same CD

Silentways are yet an other Italian discovery by the ever active Swiss label. Formed in 2014, the band was born out of the ruins of the acclaimed dark wave band THE TREES, active and very successful in the 90s on the same label (Energeia), that once discovered Ataraxia. After the Trees officially split up in 2005 they decided to continue playing together. In 2014 Annalisa Lynch (voice & lyrics) and Roberto Esposito (guitars and synths), former membersof "The End of Tapes" (a tiny, experi-mental cult band), joined the three ex-Trees musicians to work on the new project SILENTWAYS. The new band combines monumental 80s darkwave with ethereal dream pop of the 90s. The musical influences of the five musicians generate intoa sonic mixture characterized by dense and hypnotic atmospheres from where the dreamy heavenly voice of Annalisa Lynch arises. A band that owns all the ingredients to become another big success on Swiss Dark Nights!
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Label:swiss dark nights
3.A Hidden Sunlight
5.Fainting Angel
8.Comfort Zone
9.Love The Night
10.Life 11 Alchemy