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Release: March 2017
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Silvia - Silvia LP

Silvia is the name of a Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW "New German Wave”) project created Tommi Stumpff and Silvia Nemanic. The pair met in Düsseldorf in the late 1970s and started dating when Tommi was the singer of punk band Der KFC. Silvia was absolutely inexperienced in musical things, she said, “I’ve played the recorder.” Tommi rented Klangwerkstatt studio for a few days in January 1982 to record his an album with his bandmate Ferdinand Mackenthun aka Käpt’n Nuss of Der KFC, but finished earlier than expected. With one extra day that was already paid for, they quickly wrote some more songs and recorded them. All they needed was a singer, so they asked Silvia.

Simply titled “Silvia”, the record ...
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Label:Dark Entries
1.Zuerst Ich
2.Ich Bin Nicht Die
3.Mata Hari
4.Morderinnen Kusst Man Nicht
5.Das Ende Vom Traum
6.Sauf Und Stirb
9.Sex Im Aquarium