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"Draconis (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2014
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Skullflower - Draconis (Limited Edition) 2CD

Format: Double-CD in deluxe outsized double digipak with 16 pages booklet!

Synapse scorching occult industrial prog noise folk from the strings of Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies. Churning mantras and drukpa elegies for two erased darkside tree limbs: that of the Draconian in Khem, and of Drax Priory in West Yorkshire, which together with Bhutan are the Dragon Lands. The twilight language of flowers is spoken and wolves are raised, finally, Kali dances.

For fans of Bathory and Popul Vuh!
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Label:Cold Spring
1.Cauda Draconis
2.Dazed Nymph In The N.o.x.
3.Dark Daze
4.To Raise Wolves
5.Nightblooms For The Witch Queen
6.Caput Draconis
7.Alien Awakening
8.Autumns Trinkets
9.Sunset Dreams
10.Dresden Spires