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Release: 2013
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SN-A - Transmissions CD

In 2012 electro pionier and sound wizzard SEVREN NI-ARB (aka X-Marks the Pedwal) suprisingly announced his solo project SN-A with first releases „TRANSMISSION 01-001-1“ and „TRANSMISSION 350-100-2“.

Close your eyes let your thoughts guide you into an electronic odyssey! Sevren Ni-Arb creats the ultimate elctronic soundtrack for now tomorrow and the future! Atmospheric close by fascinating and disturbing. 13 massive tracks create a remarkable sound experience in between ambient soundscapes and modern electronic sounds. Dive into the sound cosmos of SN-A!
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InfraRot item number:9941.494
Label's catalogue number:FACT 3228
1.Signal Analysis
2.Transmission 0-919-1 / Subliminal
3.Transmission 0-919-2 / Stimulation
4.Transmission 350-100-2
5.Transmission 3-7-3K-Tr-0
6.Transmission 87U3 / Intra
7.Transmission 7-711-2
8.Transmission L14C-07-L31M
9.Transmission M-13-21-Y / Encounter
10.Transmission 2102-9041-X /the Bridge
11.Transmission 01-001-1
12.Transmission 9691-5031
13.Signal Processing