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"The Clockwork Man"


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Release: 2016
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Snog - The Clockwork Man CD

EXPANDED CD-version of the Vinyl, released these days on M-TRONIC. From deep within the engine room of commerce and in association with SchmerkIndustries - comes the The Clockwork Man - mechanical lockstep creature: part flesh, partautomaton, part digital creation.Lo, behold the new man- The Clockwork Man - for he (or she) is synthesized by suchInternational conglomerates as Aesthetic Perfection, Angelspit, Ross Healy and more foroptimal consumption.
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1.Cheerful Hypocrisy (Aesthetic Perfection Rmx)
2.The Clockwork Man (Angelspit Rmx)
3.Rich Kuntz (Hi Freqs Dionysian Rmx)
4.The Clockwork Man (Ross Healy Automata Rmx)
5.Compliance (Oskar T. Oram Regulation S62 Rmx)
6.The Clockwork Man (Ambassador 21 Rmx)
7.The Toxic Womb Of Convenience (Cyrusrex Rmx)
8.The Stomp Song (End Rmx)
9.Rich Kuntz (Ross Healy Austerity Rmx)
10.Oh, You’Re An Atheist? (Ryou Onishi Rmx)
11.The Clockwork Man (Shinjuku Thief Rmx)
12.The Vampires Of Real Estate (Qdub Rmx)
13.The Clockwork Man (Architec Rmx)
14.Cheerful Hypocrisy (Spiderface And The Ptsd Rmx)