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Soft Metals

"Lenses Remixes (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2014
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Soft Metals - Lenses Remixes (Limited Edition) LP

Deluxe white and black splatter vinyl, Limited to 450 copies worldwide. Includes download code. After two successful albums and one ep on ‘Captured Tracks’ and touring extensively the US & Canada, Soft Metals and Mecanica release this special remix version of their latest full length 'Lenses'. This vinyl only release includes remixes by Silent Servant, Brya Zentz, Jesse Ruins, Bestial Mouths, Tying Tiffany, l-Sedition, Marbeya Sound and Sumergid.

Soft Metals is the electronic romance of Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall of Portland, Oregon played on vintage synthesizers and drum machines. Brought together in April of 2009 through a common love of late 70s to early 80s analog synthesizer music, they decided to meet up and write some songs. Building their songs from moody, experimental, and improvised sessions together, they never know what influence will have the upper hand. It’s simplest to say Soft Metals make dark, romantic, electronic dance music.
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1.A1 Tell Me (Silent Servant Edit)
2.A2 No Turning Back (Tying Tiffany Rmx)
3.A3 Tell Me (Jesse Ruins Rmx)
4.A4 Interobserver (Bryan Zentz 5-Skandhas Rmx)
5.B1 Hourglass (Marbeya Sound Rmx)
6.B2 Tell Me (Sumergido Rmx)
7.B3 When I Look Into Your Eyes (L-Sedition Rmx)
8.B4 No Turning Back (Wmx Bestial Mouths Rmx)