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Sol Invictus

"Black Europe"


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Release: 2012
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Sol Invictus - Black Europe CD + DVD

Like some kind of conclusion, the last Sol Invictus re-release is the live recording 'Black Europe' including many of the bands classics. Coming in its established upgraded format (portrait digipak with new artwork and linernotes by Tony Wakeford), the re-release additionally benefits from a bonus DVD documenting a Tony Wakeford solo concert in Lyon from 1993.
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Label's catalogue number:AB 039
1.Angels Fall [Live]
2.Fields [Live]
3.English Murder [Live]
4.Lex Talionis [Live]
5.In A Silent Place [Live]
6.Gold Is King [Live]
7.Lonely Crawls The Night [Live]
8.Blood Of Summer [Live]
9.Trees In Winter [Live]
10.World Turn Green [Live]
11.Like A Sword [Live]
12.Sawney Bean [Live]
13.Somewhere In Europe [Live]
14.Let Us Prey [Live]
15.The Killing Tide [Live]
16.Death Of The West [Live]
17.Against The Modern World [Live]
18.Amongst The Ruins [Video/Live]
19.Summer Ends [Video/Live]
20.Abattoirs Of Love [Video/Live]
21.The Fool [Video/Live]
22.Lonely Crawls The Night [Video/Live]
23.Media [Video/Live]
24.Like A Sword [Video/Live]
25.Trees In Winter [Video/Live]
26.Somewhere In Europe [Video/Live]
27.Fields [Video/Live]
28.Holy Water [Video/Live]
29.Against The Modern World [Video/Live]
30.Death Of The West [Video/Live]
31.A Ship Is Burning [Video/Live]
32.Kneel To The Cross [Video/Live]