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Somatic Responses

"Folding Space"


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Release: 2016
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Somatic Responses - Folding Space CD

Five years after the breathtaking album 'concrete glider' hymen records is proud to present a new masterpiece from the welsh duo: 'folding space'. throughout the fourteen tracks somatic responses introduce a heavy crossfire of various electronic music styles between cinematic ambient soundscapes, melodic acid influenced technoid electro, aggressive idm / breakbeat and powerful industrial. gentle harmonies, abstract syncopation and frenetic distorted beat patterns drastically take turns resulting in a diversified kaleidoscope of moods within more than 75 minutes.once again somatic responses have produced an excellent album which is harsh and subtle at the same time and which combines nocturnal gloom with radiant luminance. highly recommended.
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2.Metaphysical Modelling
4.Inharmonic Discourse (Dpo Mix)
5.Televised Death Vote
6.Glimmer Return
7.Mop Up The Fizzy Pop
8.Over The Limit
9.Folding Space
10.Life Cycle
11.Metaphysical Modelling (Eclipse Mix)
12.Coldway (Ambient Mix)
13.Simple Pleasures, Complex Systems
14.A Battle For A Scorched Planet