InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Sona Eact

"Chrome Injected Car Crash Rhythm Boxx"


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Release: 2003
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Sona Eact - Chrome Injected Car Crash Rhythm Boxx CD

Der Nachfolger von "Hard Industrial Loop Check" und "Engine Works Inc." ist ebenfalls Industrial der Extraklasse, kraftvoll und extrem tanzbar. Patrick Stevens gehört zu den wenigen Künstlern, die mit jeder neuen Veröffentlichung Erwartungen befriedigen, erfüllen ja sogar übertreffen.
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Label:Pro Noize
1.Chrome Injected Car Crash Rhythm Boxx (Instrumental)
2.The Night We Killed The Computer
3.The Rototronic Approach Of Vertical Matters
4.Psychological Isn't The Right Word
5.Clip Your Leds & Lose Your Heads
6.We Bought Ourselves A Piece
7.Tha Preset Killerz
8.Chrome Injected Car Crash Rhythm Boxx (Original)
9.Dressed Up For Mixing / Nightvision 3 AM
10.React, RestArt, And Push The Button Again
11.Your Toy Machinez
12.What's My Motherfucking Name
13.Disconnecting The Machine
14.Dumping The Machine (No More Pressure)
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