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Sonic Area

"Eyes in the Sky"


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Release: 2016
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Sonic Area - Eyes in the Sky CD

4 years after the haunted and epic 'Music for Ghosts' album, Sonic Area returns with an album which astoundingly combines the unmistakable with the unexpected. Inspired by the mysteries secretly hidden within dark nights and by classical sci-fi culture, this oeuvre is about a nostalgic cosmic space and time travel in an imaginary spherical spaceship. 11 fully electronic vintage modular synth compositions for a stellar ride into a retro sci fi universe, passing the legacy of electronic, repetitive and minimal music originators like Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Tangerine Dream and early Autechre combined with atmospheric film scores and a dash of detroit techno. A wide ranging space journey including calm, hypnotic and exciting phases between strict minimalism, opulent synthesized modern classical interpretations and pushing beat strokes. Theatrical, naive, airy, steamy, euphoric and melancholic at the same time, 'Eyes in the Sky' is another step and another mutation of this multi-faceted enigmatic French project. The album is released exactly 55 years after Yuri Gagarin started his journey as the first human into space. Be invited to discover the Eyes in the Sky!
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1.Neon Tunnel Drive
2.Loneliness Of The Phycisist
3.Dancing With Clouds
4.My Stellar Boat
5.The Dark Secret Night
6.Pale Blue Dot
7.It's About Time
8.Chasing Horizons
9.The Soul Of A Robot
10.Spooky Action At A Distance
11.Spacewalk Incident