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Sonic Area

"Music For Ghosts"


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Release: 2012
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Sonic Area - Music For Ghosts CD

Sonic Area is a quest to enlarge the doors of a living and therefore unpredictable sound universe. This project, which has been alive itself since 1997, is the alter ego of arnaud coëffic aka arco trauma (chrysalide, f.y.d.), co-founder of the french audiotrauma collective where he has published most of his releases. He has more than 100 live performances all over europe under his belt, and has collaborated with artists like punish yourself, hint, morbid angel, twinkle, ambassador 21 and muckrackers. Disturbing, unexpectable and sometimes hard to describe, he admixes electro hybrid experimental, cinematic orchestral atmospheres, tribal industrial, hard-glitch breaks and lush ambient soundscapes carved with sampler, groove box and computer modifications.

What if you could travel ...
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1.Never Ever More
2.Manifest Yourself
3.The Living Carousel
4.The Infernal Clockwork
5.The Endless Staircase
7.Dead Muse
9.Haunted Hall Motel Ballade
10.Those Eternal Seconds
11.The Magic Storytellers
12.Once More Unto The Breach Dear Friends
13.Middle Night Ballet
14.Funeral March Of An Empire