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Sonny Vincent & Spite

"Spiteful (Limited Orange Vinyl)"


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Release: 2014
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Sonny Vincent & Spite - Spiteful (Limited Orange Vinyl) LP

Three years in the making, four RocknRoll bastards get together to fuck shit up. Totally on fire, call the motherfucking fire department now, these bastards have a vengeance! The kick ass songs are not playable in police stations, the freedom bell frenzy is banging way too loud. Strap yourself in for a wild ride that takes you from a dark alleyway to a far away planet of Love and mercurial radiance.Warning: some tracks are not recommended for children or folks with heart conditions.

It’s ugly, it’s beautiful, it hates, it loves, and it’s "Spiteful”. “I like to go wild, and have a good time, but I can also be very focused and serious. I am not the type to go around giving fake hippie hugs to people. If I say something, I mean it. I appreciate ‘soul’. I know this album will deliver some to you.” – Sonny

Line Up:Sonny Vincent – Testors – Vocals and GuitarRat Scabies – The Damned – DrumsGlen Matlock – Sex Pistols – BassSteve Mackay – Stooges – Sax
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1.Sidewalk Cracks
3.Bad Superstition
4.Beg For Love
5.Real Hard
9.Dog On The Subway
10.Not The Same
12.Inside Your Head
13.Now That I Have You