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Release: April 2016
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Sophia - Unclean CD

New opus from Sweden’s Industrial Ambient project from Peter Bjärgö (ARCANA). Bringing together some of the original collaborators which were featured on earlier albums, Per Ählund, Stefan Eriksson and Ia Bjärgö, “Unclean” is again an outstanding piece of sonic force. Pounding percussions, commanding vocal parts and expanding ambient passages all merge to give us and absorbing, diverse and forward thinking journey. “Unclean” is an excursion into the folly of man’s self destructive tendencies, with a slight hope of a possible awakening before the last gasp is taken. The CD is limited to 1000 copies.
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Label:Cyclic Law
1.The Unclearn
3.Quiet Darkness
4.Greed Grin
6.The Drunk
8.Steel Cathedral
9.Nothing There, Nothing Left
10.Where Steel Meets The Flesh
11.Mortus Mantrus