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Sopor Aeternus

"Dead Lovers’ Sarabande Face 2 (Limited Edition)"


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Release: May 2016
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-4 days
Sopor Aeternus - Dead Lovers’ Sarabande Face 2 (Limited Edition) 2LP

Most fans are probably waiting eagerly for news of an all-new SOPOR AETERNUS album, but until that happens, Apocalyptic Vision Records would very much like to bridge the gap with the vinyl re-release of two classic recordings: "Dead Lovers' Sarabande".

In order to NOT take anything away from the much loved treasure that is the original picture disc release (which many people do not even want to risk playing on their turn-tables), this new edition is therefore a rather stripped-down one (relatively speaking). No gatefold-covers, posters or signatures. Just a simple cover, classic black vinyl in 180gram audiophile quality and printed inner sleeves.

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Label:Apocalyptic Vision
2.The Dog Burial
3.The House Is Empty Now
4.No-One Is There
5.Procession/funeral March
6.Va(R)Nitas, Vanitas (Omnia Vanitas)
7.The Hourglass
9.Has He Come To Test Me?
10.If Loneliness Was All