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Release: 2016
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Spark! - Maskiner CD

When many bands loose their leadsinger, they simply just give up. It´s easy to replace a keyboardplayer or drummer. But not your frontfigure. Especially when he has a carisma and vocals loved by everyone. Two years ago this happend to SPARK!

Did mastermind and musicmeistro Mattias Ziessow give up!? NO WAY! Instead he started the quest for a new leadsinger. This lead into the album "Spektrum" where he invited several singers to take part as guest singer for each track on the album. One of these was Christer Hermodsson (ex. SPOCK, Biomekkanik). The combination of Mattias’ distinct feel for EBM mixed with smart melodies and Christers fantastic vocals proved to be nothing less than a mix made in heaven! Soon Christer took permanent place and SPARK! 2.0 saw the light of day!

With "Maskiner" SPARK! proves again why they over the last 9 years has been considered THE leading EBM band. It´s hard, direct, oldschool but with a great portion of new ideas and smart melodies. ONE OF THE STRONGEST EBM RELEASES IN YEARS!!!
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1.Alla På En Gång
2.Brinner Som Vackrast
7.Vi Faller
8.Stå Emot
10.Liket Liver
11.Utan Oss