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"By The Secret Path"


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Release: 2014
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Srub - By The Secret Path CD

In deluxe SOLID digibook-format – limited to strictly 200 copies! ¥ Occult Rock ¥ Post Punk ¥ Dark Folk ¥ New Wave ¥

The first physical release from SRUB - a young band from SIBERIA! "By the secret path" was originally planned as an EP, that has grown to the size of a 40-minutes album. Originally it was conceived as a mini-release to anticipate band’s debut album - "SRUB".

The disc at hand includes one song from the coming full-length album plus its exclusive acoustic version, two tracks from previous online released singles, an instrumental version of a song and two new, absolutely exclusive tracks.
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Label:Infinite Fog
1.First Circle
2.By The Secret Path
4.Third Circle (To The Bottom)
6.By The Secret Path (Acoustic)
7.Second Circle