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"Deadly Silent Impulse"


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Release: 2015
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Stadingers - Deadly Silent Impulse CD

STADINGERS' "Deadly Silent Impulse" is the Fourth CD release from the DEATH CONTINUES RECORDS' label born-dead in Belgium since 2012. Following the paths of cult labels such as COLD MEAT INDUSTRY (Sweden) and SLAUGHTER PRODUCTIONS (Italy), D.C.R. sold his soul to Death Industrial, and so it is. STADINGERS doesn't create no pounding rhythms or "typical" repetitive death anthems, but a mix of ultra-obscure ambiences with intrusions into the "experimental" field. Using processed guitar, electronics, tape-voices, processed vocals, their sound is at the cross between Death industrial and experimental..... thats why you have to discover it. Released in 2013. 11 tracks / Total time : 44'48.
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