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"Tectonical Structures"


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Release: 2011
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Stahlfrequenz - Tectonical Structures CD

After a nearly endlessly long time of waiting, the long awaited third album 'Tectonic Structures' of Stahlfrequenz is finally due to be released. 12 very different tracks await the listener, including the already popular hit 'Maschinenführer'.

On their third album, Stahlfrequenz have again remained true to the path once taken, providing us with a colorful mix ranging from playful, experimental to noisy, rhythmic and melodious, club-oriented pieces. In doing so, Stahlfrequenz create a mood of dark, wafting sound structures that are again and again disrupted by fast, hard beats.
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Label:Pro Noize
1.A Deep Breath
4.Nothing But A Machine
5.Total Destruction
6.Blank Territory
9.Bursting Nature
10.The Day After
11.Dream Destructor
12.Break The Noise