InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Stahlnebel & Black Selket

"Bloody Rain"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Stahlnebel & Black Selket - Bloody Rain CD

Stahlnebel & Black Selket strike again ... The 'Bloody Rain EP' leaves absolutely no wishes open! Advoxya sent in with this release 'Bloody Rain' by Stahlnebel & Black Selket a true dance floor monster in the clubs and ear channels. The ep contains new club hits and brilliant remixes from Detroit Diesel, Distorted Memory or A7IE, with 'Heart of Stone' still a surprising duet and a cheeky Depeche Mode Cover into Club-Industrial style. An ep with more than 73 minutes playing time which knows the anticipation of increase into the following album called 'Noise'.
InfraRot sales rank:1,367
InfraRot item number:2009.707
Label's catalogue number:ad-hun-57-ep
1.Bloody Rain (EP Version)
2.Heart Of Stone (Feat. Ivana Anic)
3.Dem Tod Geweiht (Fukushima)
4.Last Scream (Original Version)
5.Black Threat (Detroit Diesel Remix)
6.Memories (Alien Produkt Remix)
7.Missbraucht (Feat Johan Van Roy) (Cold Sequence Remix)
8.Bloody Rain (Die Braut Remix)
9.Staatssicherheit (Syndicat Remix)
10.Missbraucht (Feat Johan Van Roy) (Distorted Memory Remix)
11.Black Threat (ES23 Remix)
12.Memories (Retractor Remix)
13.Missbraucht (Feat Johan Van Roy) (Dance Music By A7IE)