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Stahlwerk 9

"RetroMekanik (Limited Edition)"



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Stahlwerk 9 - RetroMekanik (Limited Edition) 2CD

This album is a masterpiece of oldschool Industrial/Power-Electronics - probably the most powerful album Stahlwerk 9 ever did! The album consists of unreleased songs, recorded between 1999 and 2007 for various compilations never released, as well as some other unreleased songs from the band's early years and 2 perfectly recorded and exclusive live-songs.
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InfraRot item number:2005.476
Label's catalogue number:SK48
1.Ein Tag Im Mai (Thermopylai Flyer With Cdr, 2000)
2.Nkfd (In Stahlgewittern Ii, 2003)
3.Und Leise Rührt Des Toten Freundes Hand (Denzatsu, 2004)
4.Seraphim (Eternal Soul Compilation, 2004)
5.Friendship 7 (Steinklang Industries Festival Lp, 2004)
6.Your Job In Germany (Gloria Victis - Vae Victis, 2005)
7.Because I Could Not Stop For Death (A Tribute To Koji Tano, 2005)
8.Ein Wiegenlied Bei Mondschein Zu Singen (Mia Runa, 2005)
9.Der Erste Befehl (Tonwellen Konferenz - About 40 Years, 2006)