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Statik Sky

"They Look To The Sky"


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Release: 2011
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Statik Sky - They Look To The Sky CD

The anticipated debut from Holland's Statik Sky, 'They Look To The Sky' is a powerful, energetic dance record that cuts across genres with a singular style. Statik Sky combines elements of the old-school rave sound (reminiscent of early Prodigy and Chemical Brothers) with contemporary, dark dance electronics to create driving, forceful grooves with a raw industrial edge. Will appeal to all fans of hard dance music, old school and new school alike!

Statik Sky took form in 1998 when Stefan Petrie, after a few years fiddling with synths and computers, created a mixture of dark industrial beats with techno and trance influences. He recorded his first demo in 2003 and released his second in 2005, and soon after that the first song was released on the 'Torture & Sadism' sampler. After inclusion on a few more high-profile samplers, Statik Sky had grabbed the attention of DJs worldwide!
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Label:Vendetta Music
Label's catalogue number:VEN 28
1.Addicted To It
2.Make Me Feel Better V2.0
3.Gonna Need Drugs
5.My First Time
6.I Came To Bring You Tain 2009
7.Good For You
8.Truth & Freedom
9.Sfc 210684031107
10.Good For You (Nemes Mix By Soman)
11.Truth & Freedom (Smashed Mix By Sam)
12.Food For You (Health-food Mix By Ng-pro)
13.In My Mind