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"An jedem einzelnen Tag (Limited Edition)"



Release: March 2017
Status: Sold out
Staubkind - An jedem einzelnen Tag (Limited Edition) Box

The limited fan box contains the double CD and an exclusive EP with two more new songs and an exclusive acoustic version of the fan favorite Staubkind-classic “Stille Tränen.” It also contains a hand-signed autograph card, a poster, a sticker and a lavish postcard set as further exclusive content.

„An jedem einzelnen Tag“, the highly anticipated new Staubkind-album will be released on March 10th, 2017, a storybook of anecdotes and big feelings, wrapped in anthemic German-language Rock-Pop-tunes. Carried by his trademark raw larynx, Louis Manke is once again setting out to offer his listeners a pleasant escape from the daily rat race.

Emotional moments carried by catchy ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Intro 2017
2.Platz Zum Träumen
3.Fliegen Lernen
4.Das Beste Kommt Noch
6.Mit Kinderaugen
7.Lauter Leben
8.An Jedem Einzelnen Tag
9.Wunsch Frei
10.Immer Wenn Es Anfängt
11.Halt Dich Fest
12.Zwei Schritte Weiter
13.Das Beste Kommt Noch
14.Platz Zum Träumen
15.Mit Kinderaugen
16.Lauter Leben
17.Fliegen Lernen
18.Feuer Ohne Asche
19.Unter Deinem Stern
20.Stille Tränen (Akustik Version)