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Steve Roach

"Future Flows"


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Release: 2013
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Steve Roach - Future Flows CD

"He’s completely defined the genre of 'drone zone' electronic music." — John Diliberto, Echoes Radio

The evolving, inexplicable nature of Steve Roach's musical soundworld is fully realized on his new textural electronic/ambient release, Future Flows. Within the eight tracks on this seventy-minute album, a renewing, contemplative mood emerges by way of the shifting interconnected sonic forms that emerge from a constant source somewhere in the near future.

As with related works ‘Mystic ...
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1.An Omnipresent Sense Prevails
2.Spectrum Of Change
3.Air Meditation
4.The Texture Of Remembering
5.Rapt In Night
6.Heart Of Light
7.The Future Flows From Here
8.Regeneration Revelation