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Stiff Valentine

"America Inbreeding"


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Stiff Valentine - America Inbreeding CD

Stiff Valentine returns with the hard hitting America Inbreeding, the remix companion to the critically acclaimed full length 'America Bleeding'. "It's a remix record featuring artists that we feel are the best of the industrial and hard rock landscape in Canada and the USA" said Stiff Valentine front man "Loud" Chris DeMarcus. Included in this lineup are remixes from SMP, 16Volt, Slave Unit, Deathproof, Dismantled, Am.Psych and more. America Inbreeding delivers another healthy dose of the industrial/metal mayhem that Stiff Valentine has become known for.
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InfraRot item number:2010.930
Label:WTII Records
Label's catalogue number:WTII074
1.World Apart (Slave Unit Remix)
2.Somebody To Hate
3.Good Enough (Werewolf Party Mix By IH8te)
4.The Bleeding (Bleeding On America Mix By 16 Volt)
5.World Apart (Deception Moore Mix By SMP)
6.Pitboss (Trip House Mix By Deathproof)
7.Believe (Far Too Long Mix By Am.Psych)
8.Electric Dreams (Knifed Remix)
9.The Bleeding (Industrial Rap Mix By Dave Renz)
10.World Apart (Vein Collector Remix)
11.Believe (Craig Jensen Remix)
12.The Bleeding (Landscape Body Machine Remix)
13.Starve (Soundtrack Mix)
14.Breaking Point (Dismantled Remix)
15.Prison G (Adam Turner Remix)