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Release: 2013
Status: Sold out
Sturmpercht - Bergentrückt CD

During their work on the soldout 10 years jubilee 8LP boxset, the Austrian pioneers of Alpine Folk Music created this Dark-Psychedelic collection of scary tales around the holy mount Untersberg. Legends telling about people who went inside the hollow mountain, to visit Kaiser Karl and his folks living/sleeping there, waiting for the end of days to fight the final battle. In most of these tales the visitors were only a few hours or days inside the mountain and his inside castles and monasteries, but when they returned to the outer world (IF they ever returned), many years had passed - this phenomenon is called "Bergentrückung". Don't expect the Sturmpercht-typical nice fairietales, beautiful Folk songs or joyful drinking hymns - this album is pure Alpine Darkness -
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Label's catalogue number:Percht 22
1.Der Schlafende Kaiser
2.Die Drei Eisheiligen
4.Die Hochzeitstafel
5.Die Dreizehnte Percht
6.Das Letzte Licht
7.Der Wildalpgeist
8.Das Wilde Heer
9.Die Übergossene Alm
10.Der Bauer Und Der Wuch'rer