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"Karma In Mortem (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
Status: In stock
Subliminal Code - Karma In Mortem (Limited Edition) 3CD

Final part of covers on high-acclaimed album "Karma In Mortem" from Subliminal Code. Unusual sounds, cover disc also includes "Another Day" single selling before only digitally.

Here is the nice possibility to get all 3 cds related to "Karma In Mortem" era of the band, packaged into super-carton jacket.
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1.I Will Resist (Cover By Newtralside)
2.Falsas Promesas (Cover By Necroprogenie)
3.Entregate Al Pecado (Cover By Incore)
4.In Your Eyes (Cover By Grettys)
5.Another Day (Cover By D65)
6.Close To Me (Cover By Neobeat)
7.I Will Resist (Cover By Synthness)
8.Soldier Of Hell (Cover By Noctambulath)
9.Dominus (Cover By Xilef Zurk)
10.Eternity (Die Braut Remix) Bonus Track
11.Another Day (Piano Version)
12.Another Day (Remix And Feat. Erick C)
13.Another Day (Destructed By Detuned Destruction)
14.Another Day (8Bits Version)
15.Karma In Mortem
16.Another Day
17.Close To Me
18.I Will Resist
19.In Your Eyes
22.Falsas Promesas
24.Entregate Al Pecado
25.In Your Eyes (Detroit Diesel Remix)
26.Close To Me (Hellsector Remix)
27.Dominus (Technolorgy Remix)
28.Close To Me (Remixed By Cutoff Sky)
29.Eternity (Terrorkode Remix)
30.Falsas Promesas (Burnt To Cinder Remix By [Product])
31.Entregate Al Pecado (Cynical Existence Remix)
32.Flame (Remix By Disorden Faith)
33.Another Day (Obsidian Fx Remix)
34.Karma In Mortem (Partical Son Remix)
35.Entregate Al Pecado (Bleeding Corp Remix)
36.Another Day (Passing By Remix From Nano Infect)