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Subliminal Code

"Karma In Mortem"


Release: 2014
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Subliminal Code - Karma In Mortem CD

Subliminal Code (Venezuela) with a new album "Karma In Mortem", coming out next week and bringing to the listeners hard electronic music, with strong riffles of guitar and distorted voices..Band was formed by Raúl Junior in early 2010 under a strong influence of extend musical genre - from EBM, industrial, metal, synthpop, Gothic. It is this diversity that helped to create his unique style of dark electronics. His brother Raúl José Padrón joined the team at the end of year 2010. In February 2010, Subliminal Code released their first, self-produced demo, after a few months of rest brothers performing more songs to make their debut Ep which was released in the 2011 on Engraved Ritual. Third member - Gino S - was integrated into the team as electro executor.In the production phase of album "Karma In Mortem" were involved well-known names as Dmitry Darling (Freakangel), Jan of X-Fusion and Sander of Stahlnebel & Black Selket. Album is expected to be one of the powerful albums, released in the dark-electro genre this year.
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1.Karma In Mortem
2.Another Day
3.Close To Me
4.I Will Resist
5.In Your Eyes
8.Falsas Promesas
10.Entregate Al Pecado